TRACE 2021
Virtual Conference
16-17 June

Tree Rings in Archaeology, Climatology and Ecology

Welcome to TRACE 2021!

Hybrid or virtual
Due to COVID-19 and related restrictions, we still do not know if larger gatherings, or travel to and from Sweden, will be allowed next year. It is therefore not reasonable to plan for a TRACE-meeting based upon a traditional in-person format. Despite this uncertainty, we will arrange the TRACE 2021 meeting as scheduled, but this will be a virtual meeting, with the ambition for a small physical meeting to be held in parallel for those wishing to attend in person if this is allowed.

The main part of the meeting will run on Wednesday and Thursday, 16-17 June 2021, and will consist of presentations in various sessions, the annual ATR meeting, as well as associated ceremonies. However, it is conceivable that the format will be more compact than usual, and that the schedule will be different to enable participants from other time zones to participate.

Workshops & social events
We are working on how best to handle surrounding virtual events such as workshops and social events. We will keep you all updated through our webpage and ATR newsletters, but wanted to communicate this important change in format for TRACE 2021.

Stay safe and take care,
The TRACE-2021 organizers and the ATR

The international conference “TRACE 2021 – Tree Rings in Archaeology, Climatology and Ecology” will bring together scientists and students that use tree rings as archives of environmental, historical, and climatological information. The conference seeks to build bridges, and facilitate knowledge exchange between the different scientific disciplines working with tree rings. This is reflected in conference sessions with topics ranging from dendroclimatology and forest ecology, to tree physiology and dendroarchaeology.

TRACE 2021 is organized by the tree-ring groups from Lund University (Department of Geology), University of Gothenburg (Gothenburg University Laboratory of Dendrochronology, GULD) and Stockholm University (Department of Physical Geography), in cooperation with the Association for Tree-Ring Research (ATR) http://www.tree-ring.org.


In case of questions, please do not hesitate to contact the organizing committee per email via trace2021lund@gmail.com

Organizing committee 🇸🇪

Johannes Edvardsson
Hans W Linderholm
Björn Gunnarson
Anton Hansson
Tzu Tung (Sassa) Chen

Scientific committee

Dr. Giovanna Battipaglia (Italy): Expert in forest ecology and implementation of isotopic methodologies in environmental science research.
Dr. Allan Buras (Germany): Expert in ecology of trees and shrubs in arctic and alpine environments, as well as statistical tools to understand ecology in context of climate change.
Prof. Dr. Paolo Cherubini (Switzerland): Expert in studies of tree responses to e.g. climate and volcanos, as well as editor in Chief of the journal Dendrochronologia since 2003.
Dr. Johannes Edvardsson (Sweden): Expert in long-term (hydro)climate reconstructions using subfossil trees, and peatland ecosystem response in context of climate changes.
Dr. Björn Gunnarson (Sweden): Expert in Holocene climate variability and identifying elemental signals in tree-rings in response to e.g. volcanic eruptions and pollutions.
Prof. Dr. Hans Linderholm (Sweden): Expert on regional climate variability in Europe and Asia, and climate and atmospheric circulation on various temporal and spatial scales.
Prof. Dr. Neil Loader (UK): Expert in studies of Quaternary environmental change through stable isotope (C, H, O) analysis of natural archives (tree-rings, peats and pollen).
Dr. Ute Sass-Klassen (the Netherlands): Expert in mechanisms and dynamics in wood formation in response to climate change, as well as president for the ATR.
Dr. Ryszard Kaczka (Poland): Expert in geomorphological processes and linking tree-ring density variations to environmental changes.
Dr. Kerstin Treydte (Switzerland): Expert on linking stable isotopes from tree rings to paleoecology, climate variability and tree physiology.
Dr. Ernst van der Maaten (Germany): Chair of Forest Growth and Woody Biomass Production, Germany and expert in forest and landscape ecology.
Dr. Anton Hansson (Sweden): Expert on shore-level displacement and environmental reconstructions using submerged trees.


”Since 2020, Sercon is a regular sponsor of ATR. Their sponsorship fee will be used to fund the best presentation/poster awards at TRACE as well as a 8 travel grants.”